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Multiple Strategy Automation on the Same Symbol in Tradestation

Posted by David Bean on

One of the questions I get the most is how do you automate multiple strategies on the same symbol in Tradestation? There is only one setting that needs to be setup in Tradestation in addition to the current automation setting. We show this setting in the video and screen shot below the video.

In the video we demonstrate this in SIM mode with a high frequency strategy which alternates buy and sell signals every other bar on a 1 minute chart and a 2 minute chart. You could expand this strategy to 3, 4, and 5 minute charts to have 5 strategies in case you want to see a demonstration on how this would work in more strategies. 

The code is simple and only two lines:

This strategy is only for demonstration purposes and does not represent a strategy that we recommend for trading. We needed a strategy that changed positions frequently for demonstration purposes and most of my strategies have a much longer turn over rate. We would have to make a 3-5 day video if we were waiting for more low frequency strategies to trade in such a way that could be demonstrated in the same way that we demonstrate this in the video below.

If you get this error:

You have one or more charts already automating a strategy using the same symbol in the same account and it is possible that this strategy may trade in the opposite direction. The "Allow reversing exit and entry orders to be placed simultaneously..." flag must be enabled on all charts in this case.

You need this solution: 

Allow multiple automated strategies on multiple charts using the same futures/forex symbol in the same account. Also, allow simultaneously placing of exit and entry orders for a reversal instead of waiting for the exit to be reported filled before placing the entry. Note When this option is selected the strategy will not perform usual position checks before placing an order and the Position Match value WILL NOT be used to determine whether an order is placed.

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