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Daily Trading System Results 05-10-2018

Posted by David Bean on

The E-mini S&P was similar to yesterday. We had a gap up and the NYSE TICK high was in the 700's (not counting the first 10 mins of today). The high yesterday was made at 2:15 pm EST. The high today was made at 1:15 pm EST (based on 15 minute bars). VIX is down again today. We see slow controlled bullish buying early followed by shallow pullbacks that don't return to new highs. It makes it challenging to buy pullbacks for a day trade in markets that go flat on us after a pullback.

The results below are hypothetical results based on the trading system signals. We trade the strategies and portfolios but we don't trade all systems, all of the time, and do use some discretion when determining which strategies to trades. We also do take additional discretionary trades. Some of the trading system trades shown may be taken while other trades may not be taken, based on our discretion. For this reason, the information here should be considered informational and educational and can represent how our trading software operates on different platforms.

For the purpose of this blog post, since we do use discretion in our live trading: All trades presented are NOT LIVE TRADED IN A LIVE ACCOUNT and should be considered hypothetical.

Trading System Signals on 05/10/2018
SR CounterTrend II Soybeans = +$300
SR CounterTrend II v2 1m Soybeans = -$700.00
SR CounterTrend II v2 5m Soybeans = -$700.00
SR CounterTrend v2 15m Soybeans = -$700.00
SR CounterTrend II Crude Oil = +$40.00
SR CounterTrend II v2 1m Crude Oil = -$30.00
SR CounterTrend II v2 5m Crude Oil = -$20.00
SR CounterTrend v2 15m Crude Oil = +$50.00
Cobra III E-mini S&P = -$300.00
Cobra III E-mini S&P No Profit Target = $0.00
Gap Continuation IIB E-mini S&P = -$300.00
Portfolio Results on 05/10/2018
25K Portfolio = -$260.00
100K Portfolio = -$560.00
One Million Dollar Portfolio = -$2,360.00

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