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Trading Algorithms for Bitcoin

Posted by David Bean on

​We use this plugin plugin to get two years of Bitcoin data from Poloniex.Com is a cash exchange for many crypto currencies. We tested some of our current NinjaTrader 8 scripts including VIX Swing (without using VIX) and SR CounterTrend Gold. The data was only applied to Bitcoin data as these are not market correlation studies between Bitcoin and Gold or Bitcoin and E-mini S&P. It is simply a Bitcoin strategy. The results are in the video below.

The plugin from will allow you to plot all the US Dollar based crypto currencies in NinjaTrader 8. You can not automate actual trading with this plugin so you would have to manually enter any trade signals.The strategies being applied back test long only trades. These strategies may or may not work going forward. They could also be applied to the futures. We don't recommend trading the futures until there is more liquidity in the order book.

You can also backtest strategies in Tradestation using the symbol $BRTI but there is only 6 months of data available.

A screen shot of some of my live trades in Bitcoin futures are below the video. Seven trades for 18 ticks. I still don't recommend this.

My Bitcoin Futures Scalps Today 12/12/2017

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