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Trade Bitcoin in NinjaTrader 8

Posted by David Bean on

I found a plugin for NinjaTrader 8 that gives us Crypto Currency Data for Poloniex.Com. I have been discretionary trading the crypto currencies with a small account with some success this year. There is a lot of movement in these markets so it is possible to capture some trends more easily than in other traditional markets right now in my opinion.

We like to improve our odds and understand the markets with trading systems. With this NinjaTrader 8 plugin, I have been able to test some of my strategy ideas and develop a couple of crypto currency trading systems for Bitcoin. Keep in mind this plugin only supplies the data feed and is not an actual trading connection that can be used for automation. Any trades would have to be manually placed.

Also keep in mind, Bitcoin futures will start trading on the CME in mid-December. You will then be able to place automated trades with your trading systems for the futures. There won't be any historical futures data to work with though so you would have to use the cash market market data as an approximation. Once the futures start trading, the markets could change the way they trade and these strategies may or may not work. This is a brand new market but I still like the potential opportunity and it is not too early to start looking at the opportunities.

This is something we want to add to the portfolios with some proof of concept once the futures start trading. It is pretty impressive to be able to trade the cash market without leverage and see the hypothetical results in the video below.

You can get the annual license for NinjaTrader 8 Crypto Currency Swing below the video at an introductory rate. Tomorrow we will go over SR CounterTrend Crypto Currency.

Crypto Currency Swing for NinjaTrader 8
$195 Annual Subscription
Introductory Offer

*This requires the plugin

This plugin connects to

We also use for additional charting and trading

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